We are proud to serve the certified organic acai by Sambazon.  Combine our acai with our signature toppings and you have a healthy meal replacment or dessert.  Our Acaista's are the best in the bizz- its why we have named them Acaista's. 

Grab & Go

Our freshly made Grab & Go retail items consist of overnight protein oats, fresh greek yogurt, protein chia pudding, protein balls and baked goods. 


Our salads can be shared with a friend or Not. Top your salad with one of our home made dressings.

​​​Welcome to Health Kitchen, your one stop shop for foods that make you feel good.

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Our signature bowls are made up of a base, typically rice, cubed fresh raw sushi-grade tuna, and colorful Asian toppings with homemade sauces.


Protein Shakes

Freshly Squeezed Juices

Our produce is delivered to us each day and it ensures our customers are getting the highest quality freshness.